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“Our children today can  save lives tomorrow”

  • Recent decision adopted by the Spanish Government about transforming the Secondary School Subject Citizenship Education into Civic and Constitutional Education has given a group of Emergency Professionals (both workers and volunteers) the chance to suggests the topic to be included in there, aiming to help saving lives.
  • The signing sponsors find it a matter of common sense to include First Aid training and Emergencies at School , since it is not currently part of theSchool curricula.


Legal basis

  • Public authorities shall guarantee life and physical integrity of citizens as the most important of all fundamental rights, according to Spanish Constitution, Article 15th. Thus, they shall be capable of protecting their fellow citizens, but also that citizens must be capable of protecting themselves by adopting preventive measures and self-protection behaviours in everyday life through education and preparedness.
  • In addition, as provided in Article 30.4 of  Spanish Constitution, there are extraordinary circumstances that require the use of available human and material resources, in order to safeguarding population’s welfare during an emergency. Therefore, citizens must be educated and trained in the field of Civil Protection to deal with security incidents.


Our environment

  • In many European countries, as well as in the United States of America and Japan, students are trained, right at childhood, encouraging a self-protection culture. This true culture of civil protection, results inprepared citizens alerting Emergency Services appropriately when required and to taking protection measures for themselves and those around them.


Scientific evidences

  • Many scientific studies support the need for citizens knowing the basic life support techniques. Earlyrecognition of cardiac arrest situations and performance of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation by bystanders is essential for the survival of the victim.
  • Mortality during the first hour after a car crash (called the ‘Golden Hour’) is a clear example of avoidable deaths due to a quick and proper reaction. Actions to be taken by citizens present in the scenario of an accident should be based on knowledge and training acquiredat school.
  • House fires, landslides, environmental and technological disasters cause hundreds of casualties, resulting from inappropriate population behaviour due, basically, to a lack of knowledge of Emergency Plans and skills
  • The recent earthquake in Lorca offers a close example of heavy damage to a population of over 90,000 inhabitants. We must be prepared to respond to situations of this magnitude in order to reduce deaths and disabilities caused by disasters.


Saving Lives

  • Therefore we request the Spanish Government, autonomous regions, municipalities, political parties, unions, associations, schools and Society in general to support the ultimate goal of this manifesto: Reserving a percentage of the new subject, Civil and Constitutional education, to include emergencies, first aid, civil protection and road safety content.

Together we can save lives

#EdCivEmerg @EdCivEmerg


If you agree, you can  sign the manifesto






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